Discover your WHY… and your world will change!

Years ago, I had the revelation that the word “INSPIRED” actually translates to IN SPIRIT.

And being the nerd-word-smith I am, I totally embraced that.

In my quiet time one morning, I asked myself this question.

What is truly my WHY? My passion? My gifting?

It’s been said, your WHY should be so big, that it makes you CRY! And even though, I really know it, writing it down and sharing it, takes it to another level.

So here goes.

Firstly. I AM a Child of God, a mom, a Nonna, a teacher, a leader, and many other roles. In my personal life, I am passionate about hospitality and sharing my love for cooking. 

I AM an Encourager. I love to help people discover their WHY, what they want to do, be, or create, and then walk alongside them as they walk in it.

I AM an Author. Ever since I was a little girl, I loved to write. Then as I got older, I continued to discover my voice in sharing lessons and messages about God’s Creative Power and The Great “I AM”.

I AM passionate about helping people craft their message, their story, and to stand in their power when they share it. That’s my “Presentation Stylist” hat.

I AM a speaker who challenges people to Think on Purpose, to be intentional in Your thoughts, words and actions, plus many other topics.

In reflecting on my WHY, I realized the bottom line is I love helping others Discover their Voice their WHY and SHINE their Light, to be the best version of themselves.

I remember when I hosted a radio show for a year, and I weekly interviewed people about their journey and stories. That is another HUGE WHY of mine, as I believe other people’s stories impact lives and make a difference.

I share all of this to get you thinking about your WHY! What is it that makes you so inspired and gets you fired up. That when you wake up, you cannot wait to do it.

And if you don’t know it, that’s ok. Sometimes it takes time to reflect, to take an inventory of your gifts and talents, and write them down.

I am rediscovering mine, and it took a while. So I am here to help you in that discovery process, if you so choose. 

Here’s celebrating YOU…all you are and all you are becoming.

Angela Jo Colella

Angela Jo Colella