Out with the Old... In with the BOLD!

It’s so important to make room, not just in the physical sense,
but also in the mental and emotional space as well.

When we do, it is so liberating and creates new energy for us to step out, with more confidence and creativity.

Letting go of things that don’t serve us: Where to start?


  • Everyday STUFF:  those socks you pick up every day and there’s still only one, or lids without bowls, etc…
  • Papers:  how many years of documents?
  • Clothes:  that top that still doesn’t look or feel right? Or that outfit that you’re not quite sure why you even bought it?

Even taking one drawer or a day, or cabinet will help start the process of de-junking and freeing your mind to be more productive.

Now, how about the INTANGIBLE? This is where it may be a little more challenging because you have to commit to pausing and taking an inventory of certain areas AND be truthful.


  • Habits:  what habits have you created that really don’t serve you?   Computer in bed?  Ice cream every night…uh oh…you know some of them. In order to create new ones, try saying, OUT with the OLD…and in with the BOLD.
  • Excuses: oh boy…this is a dangerous one. Sometimes we make so many of these that we start believing them.
  • Old stories:  the same old stories you’ve shared over and over again that go nowhere but down a rabbit-hole.  Here’s a tip: when the stories begin to get on your own nerves, that’s a true sign to stop!!
  • Relationships: who are those energy vampires in your life? You know the ones, when the phone rings, your heart stops!  In this area, it’s about creating healthy boundaries and surrounding yourself with people who building you up and encourage you. Bottom line:  Don’t give your strength away!

Out with the Old, and in with the BOLD, is about recognizing who you are and who you are not.  It is taking an honest look at what’s working in your life and propelling you to greatness, and what is  restricting you from being the best version of you!

In Hebrews 12:1 it says, 

“Let us throw off everything that hinders us so we can run with perseverance… the race marked before us!”

Letting go is freeing. It’s a part of the transformation process, and it opens doors to new opportunities and possibilities for us to stand in our power, discover who we are and be BOLD enough to share it!

Angela Jo Colella

Angela Jo Colella