Your Voice Matters

The world is ever-changing and we have a choice. We can be a passive observer or someone who is active in sharing our voice to make a difference.

When we are silent, there is no change.

Over the past few years, we have been adapting with so many changes due to the pandemic, and the uncertainty in so many facets of our lives. 

Many people spoke out for what they believed in. Some were very vocal and others subtle. 

That is the beauty of our right to speak out.

I believe that Your Voice matters…

  • When you share from a place of compassion and love.
  • When you are passionate about your stance, your message.
  • When you have a burning desire to make an impact, to help people, to inspire, to lend hope, to make even the smallest difference.

It’s your responsibility to share your voice. And every voice matters. Your voice. My voice. And why is that? Because your voice is unique. It comes with your opinions, your beliefs, your experiences and your perspectives.

Imagine if…

  • Rosa Parks never spoke out.
  • Martin Luther King kept quiet.
  • Mother Theresa decided to not speak her truth.

Or even books that inspired you. Imagine if the authors never shared their voice.

And movies may have never been created, that give us insight, entertainment and perspective.

Think about other people you know that you admire for the change they created. 

Do you think they were 100% confident? I would say they had fears and uncertainty, just like you and me. But guess what. 

Their passion and drive was greater than their concerns, fears, or what others thought. So they rose above it.

Your voice can evoke change. Your voice is a way to share your truth.

And it’s a way to connect with others, and possibly lending hope! Words matter. Words change the world.

So use your voice, to write that book, share that talk, record that podcast, whatever it is that is burning inside of you to be shared.

The world needs what you have to offer and to hear your voice!

Angela Jo Colella

Angela Jo Colella